5 things about Molly

The drug called “Molly” isn’t what most of its users think it is. In the last few years, Molly has become a toxic mixture of chemicals from labs. Molly is often considered the purer form of MDMA. It is described as a pure powder form that is often snorted through the nasal passages.

What does Molly do?
You get happy and giddy. like extremely love able and everything is amusing. It gives you pleasure, increased energy and heightened. However, it is addictive and can even cause death.

Who is using Molly?
However, people who purchase powder or capsules sold as Molly often actually get other drugs instead. The fact is that a person taking Molly can’t be sure of what’s actually in the drug, or the potency of the dosage.

What does Molly look like?
Molly can take many different forms, although it’s most often found in a capsule or powder.

How long does it stay in your system?
Now it turns to the important point, how long does molly stay in your system? It is obvious that it will leave your body faster if you’ve only taken one. The easiest way to pass a urine drug test is with a detox drink. This can be used on the day of your drug test as little as an hour before the test. This test is performed by taking the sample of urine. This test can detect the presence of Molly up to 2 to 5 days.

Recipe Clean Eating Taco Seasoning

For years I have used the packaged taco seasoning but months ago I started playing with making my own.  I mean, how hard could it be?  I perfected the recipe.  Also, I made homemade whole wheat tortillas yesterday and I have to say it wasn’t that difficult.  It was actually quite easy.  You should give it a try.  My kids LOVED them.  I’ve tried making other homemade items in order to cut back on the processed food but haven’t perfected anything so far until the tortillas.  Now back to the taco seasoning.  It is really simple and I usually make two servings because I make tacos or taco salad at least once a week.  Plus you can sprinkle the pre-made seasoning in other items like beans or whatever you want.  This recipe is much better than the packaged stuff because there is no unnecessary sugar or mystery ingredients.

The recipe is as follows:

1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon black pepper

I usually sprinkle it on the cooked ground meat (turkey or chicken for me) and then add about a 1/3 cup of water and let it combine.  It isn’t very spicy but has some spice – perfect for kids.  For those who want the extra spice you could add 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes or even a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Enjoy!

Dust from PCs may be toxic

By: John Boudreau

When you hit a key on your computer or wipe your monitor, you may be picking up toxic dust.

A study to be released today reports that dust on computers contains a flame retardant with a toxic chemical known to pose reproductive and neurological hazard in animals. The report was published by advocacy groups that included the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

The report, along with other recent studies, suggests that people are exposed daily to such chemicals in the office and at home. Right now, though, scientists can’t predict what, if any, harm these chemicals — known as PBDEs — have on humans.

”It all goes into consumer products — plastics, TV consoles, computer consoles, hair dryers,” said Kim Hooper, a state research scientist at the Hazardous Materials Lab of Cal/EPA. ”How safe is it? I don’t think we have an answer. We have concern.”

The nationwide analysis found computers — from a San Francisco supervisor’s office to a Miami university computer lab — were covered with dust from fire retardants that contained PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. PBDEs, one of the most widely used fire retardant chemicals in the electronics industry, have also been found in human tissue and breast milk samples in the United States and abroad.

First proof

”We’ve always theorized this is happening,” said Ted Smith, executive director of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. ”But this is the first time we’ve proved it. The fact that every single sample came back positive is significant.”

PBDEs contain bromine, and several different kinds are used for fire retardants. Two other types of PBDEs — used mostly for furniture but also in some electronics — will already be phased out by the chemical industry by the end of the year. In California, these types will be officially banned beginning 2008.

However, that still leaves another kind of PBDE, called deca-BDE, used extensively in electronic products. The European Union has banned deca-BDE effective in 2006.

Past research has shown that California women have three to 30 times more of PBDEs in their breast tissue than do Europeans or Japanese women. Studies have also revealed that North American women have the highest levels of PBDEs in the world, close to the levels shown to damage memory, behavior and learning in laboratory mice.

Since 1997, levels of PBDEs have doubled in halibut and tripled in striped bass found in Bay Area waters, other research has shown.

Scientists have also expressed alarm over fire retardant chemicals used in circuit boards. When old computers are melted down in countries such as China, the chemicals are released in the air and have been detected around the globe.

”Brominated chemicals catch our attention,” said Sonya Lunder, an analyst with the Environmental Working Group in Oakland. ”Time and again, they are toxic and persistent in the environment and in people.”

In breast milk

Her organization, an advocacy group, recently published a study that found PBDEs in dust in American homes. A study in 2003 revealed traces of the chemicals in women’s breast milk.

Research now provides ”persuasive evidence that these chemicals are leaching out of computers and electronics in the home and the office environment,” Lunder said.

The report points out that some PC makers are developing less flammable materials or redesigning products so flame retardants aren’t needed. Apple, for instance, is replacing the plastic casing on its new laptops with metal.

‘This is not a new issue to the computer industry,” Smith said. ”They’ve known about this for a long time. But their response has been mixed.”

The report, ”Brominated Flame Retardants in Dust on Computers: The Case for Safer Chemicals and Better Computer Design,” can be viewed at www.svtc.org.

Obama Drama

Don’t get me wrong. Mack loves U.S. President-Elect Obama.

We’re not even talking politics here. I may have a little man-crush on him.

I didn’t at first. When he first burst on the scene, Mack thought his speeches were completely empty, hot air, curiously and unignorably content-free.

I fell in love with him when he was on “Late Night with David Letterman.” He was so relaxed, natural, confident, at ease in his own skin. He cracked a few jokes– and a couple were even kind of funny.

And a couple weren’t all that funny, which in a way made Mack love him even more. Because a) he has a bit of a nerdy side; b) he’s a typical Dad, hey maybe all his jokes don’t work, but he’s trying– trying to amuse those around him.

I’m that way, too.

And so, yeah, I kind of fell in love with him there.

Don’t worry, Mack won’t be posting any videos of me wiggling around in short shorts with OBAMA written on the backside, like “Obama Girl,” aka Amber Lee Ettinger, in her You Tube video “I Got a Crush on Obama.”

(And if you haven’t seen it, you should, the lyrics are funny: “I cannot wait/Til 2008/I know that you are/The best candidate.” All over this girl-group bubblegum-type music, while Mlle. Ettinger, an actress who looks like a long-lost Pussycat Doll, wiggles around in a variety of skin-tight/short-short outfits.)

But around the house I praise him, his ability to drain three-pointers, the way he wears a suit, his calm under pressure, his command of the Internet (the Internet got him elected, kids), his amazing grass-roots campaign, how organized his campaign was, how loyal the people around him appear to be, how he amassed an enormous fortune by, in part, selling merchandise while he was on the road, what a good husband and father he appears to be.

I praise him for all these things, quite warmly (though Mack hasn’t completely drunk the Kool Aid on Obama, I still find his speeches weirdly empty: I realized recently in this way, as well as many others, he’s the opposite of Sarah Palin: his speeches suck, but in person he’s great), in conversation with Ms. Daddy.

But I’m starting not to like the enthusiasm with which Ms. Daddy agrees with the Mack.

“Oh, yes, he’s great, he’s wonderful– so smart, and loyal to his wife, and charismatic, and attractive…”


“Oh, yeah, Dave, don’t you realize? Women find him really…”

“Wait, wait! Don’t finish that sentence. I don’t want to hear any more about your ‘feelings’ for Obama.”

“Does that mean we can never discuss Obama?”

“That’s right: for the next four years we can discuss his policies and the things he does. But no talking about how ‘attractive’ or ‘charismatic’ he is…”

That’s right, gentlemen. Mack, the Daddy, aka The Man– I’m a little nervous about this dude.

He’s the ultimate alpha male, now. You know what they say about power as an aphrodisiac, right? Women even found Henry Kissinger sexy– because he had power.

Now there’s a guy in the White House who’s cool, handsome, even somewhat ripped, who’s a respectful, loyal husband and engaged, enlightened father who supports women’s right to choose, and can drain three-pointers with effortless ease and wears his suits elegantly and appears to float as he walks?

Gentlemen, we’re all going to have to buy little drool cups for our wives for when he appears on television.

It’s going to be a rough four years, boys.

Last Words:

Ironically, I told my husband yesterday I have a crush on Obama for all the qualities you listed in your blog. Plus, I really think he has genuine sincerity in his eyes and smile. Smart, sexy, sweet, strong and sexy.

I saw Oprah talking about him on her show last week.

I’m addicted!

Power Training: The Key To A Huge Vertical

A focused and consistent effort towards power training is the single most effective way to how to increase your vertical jump. The best way to train for power is through explosive weight training (EWT). As is explained in the Analysis of a Jump , your number one goal of your vertical jump training is to increase your power to weight ratio. To best achieve this explosive weight training should play a very big part in your program.

Similarly to plyometrics, there is much confusion about what is actually the best way to apply EWT in order to maximize muscular power. If you train right, the results can be tremendous and your vertical jump will improve dramatically. If you train wrong, you will find that all despite your hard work and effort, your performance may actually decrease.

To help you avoid the pitfalls the team at the Vertical Jump Homepage has detailed everything you need to know about the correct application of EWT in your training. 

Explosive Weight Training Part 1: The Ultimate Form of Power Training examines some of the more popular schools of thought with regard to developing muscular power for athletic performance, and in particular, vertical jump training. 

Explosive Weight Training Part 2: The Tools of Power explores which exercises are the most suitable for your training and why. 

Explosive Weight Training Part 3: Putting the Power Puzzle Together covers in detail the exact training techniques and parameters that you should be applying to your EWT. This includes important information regarding sets, reps etc.

The athletic coaching communities understanding of power training, and in particular, EWT, has come along way in recent years but its importance to achieving maximum results is still often severely underestimated.

Don’t limit your results by cutting out the best form of power training known to man, and just as worse, don’t waste your time by doing it wrong. Check out the articles and arm yourself with some incredible training knowledge. You will be glad you did as your training, and vertical jump, may never be the same.

All Pets and Dog Aromatherapy May be Helpful Many Things

Aromatherapy is much more than just a fragrance that fills the air around you, yes it can be used to freshen and clean the air from the odors of our dogs, cats and other pet., as well as purifying the air of potential allergens.

Treatments were are not only used to treat human ailments but can also be used for pet care. Many people ignore the value of herbal remedies when it comes to the care of their dogs.

The essential oils Lavender and Geranium are very good with skin problems, itchiness, rashes, and fungal infections. Other herbs and essential oils that have show that they are good for the skin include Black Walnut, Garlic, Echinacea, Barberry, Juniper, Saw Palmetto, Myrrh, Thyme, Plantain, Rosemary, and Goldenseal.

Parasitic insects such as fleas and ticks cause many problems for dogs. While powders, sprays, shampoo and conditioners, and collars are all used to take care of pests, however, as with humans, the use of chemicals may in fact be harmful to your pet.

A great essential oil is peppermint. Fleas hate peppermint, so adding drops to shampoo, or making a spray with some alcohol to spray around the house, and dogs bedding, are a great idea.

A wonderful herb that you should always have on hand for your pets is Tea Tree. Tea Tree is an antiseptic, anti fungal, and is powerful in aiding healing in wounds, cuts, and prevents infection.

Lemon Tea Tree is a natural insect repellant and may be applied directly to your pet without fear of any harm.

Also Lavender oil, along with Tea Tree oil is a wonderful ointment to apply for ticks. Before removing the tick, apply the oils. the Tea Tree oil will clean and disinfect the area, while the Lavender will help relax the wound and help the inflammation.

For arthritis that older dogs the essential oils Birch, Rosemary, Thyme, Pine and Juniper, massaged into the body, has been known to help.

Osterhagen Key

The Osterhagen Key has to be the most pointless device in the history of UNIT (an organisation so rubbish that even the United Nations have disowned them).

In the event of the Earth being under an attack, deemed so terrible that death for 6.8 billion people might seem a good idea, three people from the now Unified Intelligence Taskforce would descend into remote bunkers and trigger 26 nuclear warheads.

And thus Earth would become rubble.

This isn’t so bad when you consider that approximately 3 million of those people would be Welsh, 270,000 of those being from Swansea and, more specifically, one would be Russell T Davies.

The OsterHagen Key

But who would invent such a stupid device (apart from some tit called Osterhagen or Davies)? The Samurai? The Venerable Order of Lemmings? The Manic-Depressives’ Wing of Arkham Asylum?

Not only that but in true Russell T Davies fashion, i.e. honking out the fucking obvious at full volume, Osterhagen is in fact an anagram of ‘earths gone’. Genius.

In defence of the actual prop, it did look halfway realistic, nice copper contacts, matt black computer-plastic finish, good shape. It’s a fucking change from the brightly coloured perspex squares of previous Whos.

Junk Food Could Be Shrinking Your Brain

Love processed junk food? You know it’s bad for you, but you figure you can just step your workout up a notch or skip a few meals to make up for it, right?

Not necessarily. A recent study out of Sweden suggests that a high calorie diet doesn’t just do damage to your waistline — it can have irreversible effects on your brain, too. In fact, your risk of dementia in your golden years is 71 percent higher if you’re overweight.

Does junk food shrink your brain? Quite possibly so, University of Los Angeles neurology profession Paul Thompson told the Daily Mail. In studies, he and his team have found that a bad diet does exactly that; “We know that a fatty diet clogs our arteries and is bad for our heart, and it does exactly the same thing to blood vessels in the brain,” he said.

On average, Thompson discovered that the brain of an obese person in their 70s was four to eight percent smaller than that of normal-weight peers. Gradual brain loss is normal as you grow old, so what obesity does is age your brain faster.

And while losing four percent of your brain doesn’t sound like much, it can really add up. “[Obese people] had lost 8 percent of their brain, so they were 16 years older [than regular weight people of the same age.] It won’t kill you, but there will come a point when it’s noticeable — when about 10 per cent of your brain tissues have died,” he added.

Moral of the story? It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or your 60s — what you do for your body right now matters, so take care of it. Your health — and especially the health of your mind — depends on it.

Consult in the expert

Title 24 consultant fulfills quite purpose of facilitating a successful final on real estate property. At times called title insurance agencies, these businesses control the shift of passions, title and money after a real-estate shutting. They can also work since the actual escrow real estate agent, having the certain purchaser’s escrow repayment until the closing is actually total. It’s not unheard of for your real closing to occur on the title company workplace as it symbolizes natural ground for anyone parties confused in deal. In addition to assisting, probably the most crucial features of the title agency is usually to conduct an thorough research with the criminal record before the property is close upon. This could be termed as any title search or even title examination also it’s implemented to validate the rental fees are lawfully on sale without having liens, encumbrances, easements or even choice towards that.

Along with carrying out the title examination, property title companies provides consumers with title insurance coverage. Title insurance coverage is a great indemnity insurance coverage that shields the modern home owner and also the mortgage company via unforeseen assertions contrary to the house due to steps that took place prior to their own using house ownership. Two guidelines are generally released: the business’s Plan to guard the lender along with a Master’s Policy to protect the consumer. The insurance policy safety measures the newest operator and the loan provider coming from economic damage and supplies with regard to transaction associated with lawful charges due to promises that take place as a result of title difficulties. Title insurance policies are any one-time only buy which is paid for in the final. Real-estate title organizations tend to be impartial companies in order to almost all relevant parties within the buy. Coming from brokers and also consumers to retailers and lenders, the title organization doesn’t have an individual fascination with the home. This particular impartiality makes sure that a legitimate title studies conducted which usually each get together mixed up within transaction has got the same remedy.

Consumer Credit Card Debt Combination – Answer To Avoid The Crisis

Never allow charge card financial obligations remain out of hand or they may spike your right disaster to suit your needs. It is advisable that you simply choose credit debt loan consolidation as soon as possible. This way every one of the financial obligations turn out to be quicker to pay and steadily that you are away from the credit card debt mess.

It demonstrates every one of the financial obligations are incorporated right one charge card. You have got to wide open What Is a Personal Loan new charge card how the providing providers give at no rate of interest for 12 to 15 many weeks. They are going to cost a minimal price for harmony transferring your charge card financial obligations into your new one. The benefit essentially spend less lots of money on rates of interest. Credit cards are of great rate of interest and later repayments get them to be highly costly.

All night reducing the actual financial obligations you possibly can spend less huge dollars which can be used for any goal. Additionally you can buy things without having rates of interest for say 3 months underneath the new charge card. So you spend less in this way as well.

Another advantage of credit debt loan consolidation essentially right away reduce every one of your loan companies. That you are therefore competent to avert any possible law suit from them.