What Everybody Ought to Know About Tattoo Numbing Cream & Tattoo Cream

I am often asked by people ‘”Should I use a tattoo numbing cream or a normal tattoo cream?”

There are a couple of obvious pros and cons to both of tattoo numbing cream or a normal tattoo creams. The tattoo numbing cream implies that you are in pain. Fair enough.

But are you in pain because you had a big job done? Or has the tattoo artist done something wrong? (Not likely). Or is your tattoo hurting because you have got an infected tattoo? Because if it is infected, the very last thing you need to be doing is numbing the pain. The pain from your tattoo is your body’s feedback; it is your body saying to you, “Hey, something’s not right here”. You do not want to block that feedback by blocking the pain with tattoo numbing cream.

Don’t worry about this, I came up with a solution to that problem, but first let me just tell you about the other tattoo crème, the normal stuff.

These normal tattoo crèmes vary so much in quality that you literally have no idea what is in it. I recently had a competitor’s product analysed and it contained NOTHING but Vaseline, green die, some vitamin e to stop the product going off in the tin, (jeez, what does that tell you?….) The actual product itself was at risk of rotting, and you want to put it in your skin? In your open wound? In the one thing that you have one chance to look beautiful?

I would not use any standard or cheap tattoo crème because you might as well rub butter on it and hope for the best. Least you have a good idea what is in the butter.

No, you need to support your immune system with natural antibiotics whilst the delicate skin on your tattoo heals quickly and naturally.

But what about the pain? No problem, in Tattoo Doctor I have tested seven different pain relieving plant oils that have been proven for thousands of years to reduce pain. We were planning to run the tests for six months but after just eleven weeks we stopped the trials. One of the ingredients, organic Lavandula angustifolia , was by far the better pain reliever. This simple plant extract reduces the pain by three quarters and helps stop infection too.

So do not use tattoo numbing crème that is like turning the smoke alarm off in your home. It is quiet for a while, but if you have a fire you could lose your life. I have known of people to die from tattoo infections, so you need to be able to hear what your body is telling you.

And you would be better off with butter than normal tattoo crèmes, the amount of antibiotics they are sticking in our dairy herds will help you…. Seriously, Tattoo Doctor contains four plant extracts which will

1) Numb the pain

2) Prevent infection

You could spend a small fortune on a tattoo and then try a save a few pennies whilst your tattoo is trying to heal itself. Do not be foolish with your investment, look after it, and make it a tattoo to be proud of. Not an embarrassing scabby pus filled mess that I see on a regular basis. Get the Tattoo Doctor remedy today and I will post it out to you today. You will never again need or want the tattoo numb crème or the regular tattoo crème.