Recognizing Staph Infection

Preventing is always easier than treating and this is a common known thing. This should especially be applied when you have a break or a cut in the skin. That cut is a gateway where infections can enter your body. It is basically an open invitation for a staph infection.

Explaining the Staph Infection

Staph is the short name for Staphylococcus bacteria. This is a bacteria family that has a lot of variations and can cause many illnesses.

Did You Know?

The staph bacteria can lay dormant on many surfaces and wait there. When you touch those surfaces and have a break in the skin then you are inviting the bacteria in your body.

Treating the Staph Infection

If you see that your body has sore areas then you need to see the doctor. Staph infection can be easily passed from one person to another through simple skin contact. And not to mention the fact that this infection is very resistant to antibiotics.

Types Of Staph Infection

There are a lot of infections that appear from this:

  • Boils or Furuncle – these are very common and appear on the face and on the neck
  • Infection of the hair follicles. This is called Folliculitis. They appear redish
  • A Stie appears in the eyelid. It can be swollen and painful. It is quite uncomfortable.
  • Impetigo affects children. It has crusty appearance and blisters. It can easily spread to other body parts simply by scratching.

These staph infections can be regarded as minor but they can bring serious complications like pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome, blood infection or other types that need hospitalization. People that have a low immune system are prone to these infections. So are children and the older people. These problems can be dealt with easily if you don’t ignore them, so make sure you don’t leave it to spread too far.