How To Finger Yourself

In order to release your sexual stimulation a lot, you should not forget the following methods on how to finger yourself properly. Let’s go on reading:

1. Find Your Clitoris
I don’t have any hightened sensation there, and can’t find a “Gspot”. This is a normal question for people. Everyone’s vulvas look and feel different so maybe get to know your own vulva. The Clitoris: If you follow the line of your inner labia upwards, you’ll find a little spot where the tissues converge.

2. Use Vibrator
A vibration is a mechanism of any mechanical device which provide to-and-fro motion. Therapeutically, frequent vibrator use can prevent and ward off conditions such as painful vaginal dryness and atrophy. I have heard two different stories; one, that using a vibrator can do no harm, and two, that using a vibrator can do worlds of harm! Note: There are no scientific studies which address whether using a vibrator during pregnancy is safe or not.

3. G spot orgasm
Looking for your G-spot? You’re not the only one. You may never have encountered the G-spot before, but it is a peak hot spot on a woman’s body that leads straight to orgasm. Maybe you’ve heard about this magic button in the vagina that can give women amazing orgasms. It’s the important point on how to finger yourself to pleasure.